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Park District Board of Directors

The Board holds its regular meetings on the first Friday of the month at the Penrose Park Office at 401 Park Place, at 10a.m. Workshop meetings to prepare for the regular meetings are scheduled the fourth Friday of the month at 10a.m. Special meetings are called as needed and will be posted on this website as well as outside Penrose market, the Penrose Library, Coyote Coffee Den and on the park bulletin board facing Park Place (south).

Meet the current Penrose Park and Recreation Board of Directors

President & Even Coordinator: Lacy Baker

 Lacy is the second member to join the Penrose Park Board of Directors in the last quarter of 2021. Lacy is a Penrose native and has enjoyed going to events at the park since she was a small child in the 1980's. Now grown with her own family, Lacy and her husband have brought their children to various celebrations held at the park, and started donating hay rides, through their trucking business, for attendees at both the annual Illumination Celebrations and Halloween events starting in 2017. She also began her time as a board member decorating the Penrose Station and park pavilion for the 2021 Illumination Celebration. She hopes to use her previous marketing experience combined with her accounting/technical background to help with various aspects of the park websites and social media presence. Her passion is planning and organizing events and hopes to get the surrounding community just as involved and excited.

Vice President: Aaron Wood

Aaron recently moved back to Fremont County, his home, from Kremmling, CO with his family. With previous experience serving on several boards and being a dad of seven, Aaron has a tool box full of ideas on how to improve the park and the offerings to the Penrose Community and surrounding areas. Aaron has interests in bringing more programs to the park for people of all ages. Aaron recognizes there is a desire for more community participation and hopes to finds ways to facilitate that. 


Treasurer: Roberta Newton

Roberta started her time with the Penrose Park even before she became an official board member. With the goal of pointing the park in a more positive direction, she was one of the members appointed by the Fremont County Board of Commissioners as part of the new interim board of directors at a special meeting September 16th, 2014. Since then, Roberta has been involved in numerous projects to help improve and upgrade the features that the community park has to offer. In addition to running the park office, she has held several positions including secretary of the board (twice), board president, and now, treasurer. She, with the help of her family, have run bake sales and the concessions stand at many park functions, even contributing with her own delicious culinary creations. She keeps the park rental program running smoothly and is credited with starting the increasingly popular karate program enjoyed by students of all ages.

Secretary: Amy Cekis

At-large: Amanda Suddoth

Amanda is one of two members to join the Penrose Park Board of Directors towards the end of 2021 to fill positions vacated by previous board members. After moving to Penrose, Amanda opened My Neighbor’s Cupboard under her original foundation Crosses for Losses. My neighbor’s Cupboard is a local organization that provides food, resources and community outreach to Penrose residents and surrounding areas. Amanda enjoys organizing events and increasing community involvement. She looks forward to increasing communication with the public about park events. Not only has she taken on the position of park board secretary, but she and her family have already helped at park events such as break down and clean up at the most recent Illumination Celebration. She has several ideas for future community events at the park.

2024 Program Coordinator - Amanda Kaiser

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