Events at Penrose Park

The Penrose Park & Recreation District schedules various events at Penrose Park throughout the year.

Annual, traditional events are Easter Fun at the Park,

4th of July, Apple Day, Trunk or Treat and the Illumination Celebration.

Here are the dates to look forward to:

                                                                                  2022 Park Events

    Easter Celebration & Egg Hunt: April 16th

                Penrose Student Council Clean Up: May 5th

                                Penrose School Field Days: May 23rd (K-3rd) & 24th (4th-6th)

                                               Independence Day: July 4th 

                                                             Apple Day: October 1st

                                                                              Halloween Celebration: October 29th

                                                                                            Illumination  Celebration: December 3th


Apple Day 2022 Flyer (3)_edited.jpg
Red Apples
Apple Day - Cake Donation - Penrose Park 2022 (2).png
Apple Day - Horse Shoes - Penrose Park 2022 (2).png
Apple Day - 3on3 Basket Ball Flyer - 2022 (4).png
Apple Day - 3on3 Basket Ball Registration - 2022 (3).png